7 Things Every Home Seller Should Know About Before Selling Their House In Johnson City

7 Things Every Home Seller Should Know About Before Selling Their House In Johnson City

Are you thinking about selling your Johnson City house? A 2018 Zillow report revealed that the typical home seller spends, on average, about “seven months thinking about listing their home before taking action.” That’s understandable because selling a home, especially for first-time sellers, is a big and sometimes frightening step. So we’d like to remove some of that fear and reduce the time you spend simply thinking about listing. Check out these 7 things every home seller should know about before selling their house in Johnson City.

1. Your True Reasons for Selling

The first thing people should know about and get clear on before selling their house in Johnson City is their real motivation, their true reasons for selling. You need to make sure you really want to do it and exactly why you’re doing it. Doing this will help you determine how you stand on the financial end of things, for example, how much you are willing to spend on improvements and renovations before listing. In addition, you’ll know your non-negotiables when you enter into negotiations with buyers.

2. Importance of Having Paperwork Prepared

This is so often overlooked that we felt we should include it among the things every home seller should know about before selling their house in Johnson City. And that is the importance of having all the necessary paperwork and pertinent documents prepared, gathered up, and readily accessible. This important paperwork/documentation will include information about:

  • Instrument survey
  • Outstanding mortgage balance and pay-off
  • Applicable permits for additions
  • Dates and descriptions of home improvement projects
  • Proof of roof age and warranty
  • Service records, warranties, and instruction manuals for major appliances such as HVAC system and water heater

3. Advisability of Pre-Listing Inspection

Although a pre-listing inspection isn’t a requirement, most industry experts highly recommend it for anyone selling their house in Johnson City. The buyer’s lender will require an inspection, and you will be in a better position as a seller if you’ve already found and fixed the problems the buyer’s inspection would turn up. “By completing this pre-listing inspection,” experts say, “you can address the issues that the home inspector may find during his inspection. Make sure that the home inspector who does the pre-listing inspection will provide you with a detailed report and also pictures relating to anything they note in their report.”

4. Importance of Proper Preparation

You also need to be aware of the importance of properly preparing your house for sale. Sure, you know you’ll need to clean and de-clutter and spruce things up, but will you need to do more? This is where your agent can advise you and help you ensure your house is really ready for listing. (To discover more, call 423-251-8100 .)

Don’t risk not making a great first impression. “The first impression is crucial when selling a home. By not preparing your home for sale, this can often lead to a poor first impression and also can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. Take the extra time and effort to prepare your home – you’ll be glad you did.”

5. Best Time to Sell

Every home seller should also determine the optimal time before selling their house in Johnson City. Typically spring and early summer have been touted as the best times to sell, but fall and winter can actually be better. Every local market is different, and what works in one may not work in another. And then you also need to figure out what works best for you concerning, for example, work and school schedules, how fast you need to sell, and so on. Your best bet here is to lean on your agent’s expertise.

6. Getting the Price Right

It’s often been said that the most important factor in determining how fast a home sells or whether it sells at all is the price. “If you price your home too high from the start, it can cost you lots of money in the future. The price a home enters the market at will do the majority of the marketing of the home. It’s important to understand today’s buyers and know they  are very educated and have tons of information at their fingertips.” Once again, your agent can help you get the price right with her knowledge of local markets and skill at running a CMA.

7. Your Agent’s Crucial Role

As we’ve mentioned throughout, the importance of hiring an experienced local real estate agent can’t be overstated. It may be the most important of the things every home seller should know about before selling their house in Johnson City. Your agent can bring her knowledge and expertise to bear at every stage of the process, from getting your home ready to marketing to negotiating with buyers. Find out how our agents can help you sell your Johnson City house. Contact us today! 423-251-8100


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