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We Buy Houses Bristol TN Fast For Cash! Blaine Dartez: Hey, everybody. Blaine with AwesomeWholesaler and We Buy Houses Bristol TN. I just want to take a quick walk by this property real quick. We’re out here in Bristol, Tennessee, almost downtown at 405 Taylor Street. This is a property that we’re going to attempt … Continued

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If Your Saying ” I Need to Sell My House Fast Tri Cities TN ” We Can Help! We Buy Houses Tri Cities TN   How? We Buy Houses Tri Cities TN ! We have the experience and the resources to evaluate your home quickly, and in many cases we can purchase your property in … Continued

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Blaine Dartez: Hey, this is Blaine Dartez with AwesomeWholesalerLLC. That’s my business’ name and this is 820 Scott street. Bristol, Virginia, and this is a property that’s coming on the market with us here pretty soon. I’ll probably have it on the website by tomorrow, but we buy houses in any condition. As you can…

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Sell Your Kingsport TN House Fast Today! About AwesomeWholesalerLLC When you call us you’ll get an honest offer from a real local person in the trenches in your market. With everything we do We Believe in fighting the deterioration of our local neighborhoods. We Believe in solving home ownership problems our local community is facing. … Continued

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Blaine Dartez: Hey everybody Blaine Dartez with AwesomeWholesalerLLC. We buy houses. Landlord Needed to sell Rental Property Right here I’ve got a little house in back of me. This is a property in Kingsport Tennessee. I want to talk to just a little bit about it. We’re going to purchase this property from this individual.…

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Blaine Dartez: Hey, Blaine Dartez here with AwesomeWholesalerLLC. We buy houses in as-is condition around the Tri-Cities, Kingsport, Tennessee areas and into Virginia. I want to talk a little bit about how to  Stop Foreclosure today. Foreclosure is a serious situation that a lot of people in Tri-Cities, Kingsport, Tennessee area are facing. I got…