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Speaker 1: Hey Blaine Dartez owner of Awesome Wholesaler LLC. We buy houses in as is condition around the Tri-Cities, Kingsport, Tennessee areas, and into Virginia. I want to talk a little bit about Foreclosure today. Foreclosure is a serious situation that a lot of people in Tri-Cities, Kingsport, Tennessee area are facing. I got a lot of individuals that we’ve helped here recently. One, just this last week where a little girl was facing foreclosure on a tenant property that she had, it was actually her rental property. The tenants hadn’t paid rent in a long time. It wasn’t her primary residence, which was great, but when you’re facing foreclosure in Kingsport, Tennessee, or just anywheres in general, it doesn’t matter if it’s your residential or your primary residential property or not. It’s still going to crash your credit for a serious amount of time, and make it extremely difficult for you in a lot of different ways.

Foreclosure is not a great thing. Plus you’re going to lose that property, all the equity built up in it that you’ve had this entire time, and amongst other things. I’ve seen people facing foreclosure in Tri-Cities, Tennessee area, that had almost 85% equity in their property. Seriously, $115,000 property. They were down to paying same mortgage payments still, but only have owed about $20,000 left on the property. And just things happen to good people. Right? In this last situation that I was talking about, the tenants hadn’t paid, the woman had no other a source of income so she couldn’t float both mortgages, and she was facing foreclosure. We had three weeks time to get this property, get it closed within her timeframe before they issue the foreclosure on her, and get it bought. And that’s exactly what we did. As a matter of fact, by the time we signed contract with her on the property, it took us six days to close it at the title company, and get her a check in hand.

Now that’s awesome. We were really excited about that and she was also, as you can imagine. She didn’t get foreclosed on. Her property is now being flipped and renovated because it was in Kingsport, Tennessee, it was in the Bloomingdale area. But tenants hadn’t left it in the best situation, it was needing a lot of renovations, they had wrecked it just a little bit, it wasn’t the worst property that we’ve ever seen. But anyways, we’re going to be able to partner with an individual. We got it .. oh bought cash in hand for her within six days, and now we’ve started the renovation process. Our partner is renovating that currently and we’ll have that done with the next few months, and turn it into a great, beautiful new home. In a subdivision in Kingsport, Tennessee that is bringing value to the areas that have hurting it, like it previously was. Also, that little girl that doesn’t have a foreclosure in Kingsport Tennessee on her, which is awesome.

So awesome, awesome, awesome. You know they had three happy parties, the seller, the end buyer and then me, the representative in between. So we buy houses in and around Kingsport, Tennessee and all over the Tri-Cities, Tennessee area. We do pay cash. We partner with local investors to get the property [inaudible 00:04:02] as soon as possible, as fast as possible, considering your situation. And for a fair offer, fair price. And a lot of times we can close extremely fast. In this last situation, this girl is facing foreclosure, we closed in six days. So if you need help with a property, it’s not in the best of shape or you’re facing a situation like being foreclosed on, give me a call. 797 or (423) 797-6009 that is my business line. You can reach me at it. It Rings at my cell phone when I’m out of the out of the office.

That’s (423) 797-6009. If you can’t get me on that and you don’t really want to talk to me, that’s fine. Go onto my website, and fill out a profile, tell me a little bit about your property. Or just give me an address, phone number and an email. I’ll call you about it, and we’ll talk about it. I’ll come out, I’ll visit you. I’ll see what we can do, see if we can give you a fast cash offer for your property. And if that’s best for you in the Tri-Cities, Kingsport, Tennessee area than great! Like I said, we also work on the Virginia side as well. So one more time. I’m going to throw my number out there for you to call. It’s (423) 797-6009. My website is there for you to use as a tool to inform yourself about our process and gain knowledge, Let me know your situation. If I know your situation, I can figure out a method to help you weather your facing Foreclosure in Kingsport TN or a number of other situations, And I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks.


Hey there, I’m Blaine, the owner of AwesomeCashBuyers! Thanks for checking us out. I love every aspect of real estate, but one major reason I started buying homes is that I saw that sometimes people were getting into tough situations with their home… facing foreclosure, can’t make repairs, getting behind on payments, and more. I’ve seen people struggle with squatters, or go through the process of losing homes up close and personal. Bottom line: I know that sometimes bad things happen to good people. I got into real estate because I wanted to offer a service where I can help homeowners in my community. My passion and goal with this company is to get people out of burdensome properties, or helping another local investor build their portfolio. Besides all that, I enjoy seeing a run-down home flipped and made beautiful, and become a benefit to a neighborhood. Now, I get to run my own business and spend more time with my family and help homeowners like you that are facing tough situations.

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